Delta Translator

Delta Translator 3.0

Translates Portuguese (Brazilizn) texts to/from English or Spanish
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MicroPower's Delta Translator is a program that translates Portuguese (Brazilian) to English and vice versa, and also Spanish to/from Portuguese (Brazilian) directly, without changing it to English first, providing users with an accurate Portuguese machine translation for all their text requirements.

Suitable for both personal and business uses, Delta Translator has an easy-to-use graphical interface consisting of three different features. The main program is capable of translating documents and presents users with a two-tier window. The uppermost window, or translation area, allows users to view their prepared text, or text directly typed into it, ready for translation, and the lower one displays the translation of the text above in its original format.

The second featured program is Windows Translator, and this one can translate text inside any Windows application simply by highlighting it. The third featured program is Web Translator, which presents its own interface window to users and translates the text of web pages for them as they browse the Internet. The program's command buttons are all presented in Portuguese and the program is supported with free updates for its large database. Additionally, the program features text-to-speech synthesizers to actually hear the text highlighted, with a choice of male and female virtual voices.

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